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Austin, Texas - based Recording and Production Studio

We've been making records in Austin since 2014. The Swamp Studio is a laid back environment with natural elemental tones and a great vibe. We strive to get the best performances to create music the old-fashioned way. We feel that this makes out final products sound and feel authentic,

Analog Heart

At the helm of The Swamp Studio is a 48 channel, 10 bus, 55 series Neve Console. Neve is perhaps the most famous brand in all of recording and they are know for building the best recording consoles of all time.

Musicians and Arrangers

We are proud to be associated with some of the best young performers in Austin. Whether you have your own band or need help piecing the right group for your project together, we are here to help. We focus on rehearsing and arranging songs in pre-production so  that the live recording sessions can have the best feel, vibe, and performance possible.

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The Swamp Studio

South Austin, Austin, Austin, Texas 78748, United States